About us

We are Sally and Radka, two friends who are passionate about eliminating plastic from our lives and encouraging others to make plastic-free, sustainable choices that will help reduce the devastating impact plastic pollution has on our wildlife, our marine life, our planet, ourselves.  We both have children and worry about what will become of the world during their lifetime and the lives of future generations. No one can save the plant single-handedly, but we know we can all make positive changes to tackle climate change,

We truly believe that there is no need for single use plastic in our everyday lives and there are beautiful, practical but most of all sustainable alternatives to everything we use, and we hope that our choice of products will make it easy for you to make a few switches that will make a huge difference. And we only work with companies that share our vision and ethos, and all are UK based so that we create minimum carbon footprint but also celebrate the efforts made by the wonderful local makers to make sustainable living an easy and desirable choice.

As well as seeing the importance of reducing the amount of waste we create, we strongly believe that removing the existing plastic that is polluting the environment and repurposing it into new useful products is equally important for reducing the amount of waste already out there, and that is why we also proudly bring you products made from recycled materials by some wonderful people who work hard to try and tackle the issue of unsustainable waste.