Bees Wax Wrap - Amy Pack of 3

Bees Wax Wrap - Amy Pack of 3


Bees wax wraps add so much more fun to food storage.  Whichever design you choose they are just gorgeous to look and much better for your food than plastic.  These pretty things have revolutionalised our kitchens and we have no idea how we could have possibly been using cling film in our previous lives!  By switching to wax wraps you replace an unthinkable amount of cling film and single use food bags that cannot be recycled.


We have chosen Oakdale Bees wraps because they come in a vast array of the prettiest fabrics and their sizes are very generous.  They are hand made from 100% cotton, natual tree resin for a little bit of stickiness, jojoba oil for malleability and natural bees wax which has natural antibacterial qualities.  The possiblities with these are just endless.


Wax wraps let your food breathe, it will not sweat like it does in plastic, while stopping it from drying out whilst in the fridge or on the go.  My only wish is I had more of them!


What you can use them for: sandwich & snack wraps, covering leftovers in the fridge, wrapping up bread and baked goods so they last longer, wrapping cheese, lemon & lime covers to keep them fresh.  


These wraps are 100% natural, compostable and plastic free.  Each set is wrapped in compostable glasine which is is a biodegradable material that you can either pop on the compost heap or in the recycling.  If they go into the main rubbish they will naturally biodegrade.  The glassine envelopes are from managed forests using water based adhesive and solvent free inks.  The bags are sealed with Tesa film eco tape which is made from 100% recycled products and again is solvent free.  Oakdale Bees have opted for this packaging as it was recyclable, non fussy and hygienic. Their labels are also printed on recycled paper.


Each pack contains: 1 x Small - 15cm x 16cm, 1 x Medium - 21cm x 21cm, 1 x Large - 30cm x 35cm, Card with tips and care instructions.  They will last for over a year.