Babassu Oil Shampoo,  Palm Oil Free (Normal/Oily/Dry & Damaged) - 65g

Babassu Oil Shampoo, Palm Oil Free (Normal/Oily/Dry & Damaged) - 65g


This Funky Soap solid shampoo bar is perfect for adding gloss and shine to your hair giving it volume.


Great for treating damaged and brittle hair, the babassu oil contains acid that can work wonders on a dry scalp.  Also recommended for non-bacterial dandruff.


100% natural, this shampoo bar is also made with cocoa, shea butter and soapnut.

Palm Oil free and vegan, it contains no animal products neither is it tested on animals.


Directions: Lather up in your hands or on a sponge to create a foam which you can leave on your hair for a couple of minutes before rinising thoroughly.  Finish with a conditioner or dilutted apple cider vinegar, approximately 500ml.



Sodium Olivate (Olive Oil)

Sodium Castorate (Castor Oil)

Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil)



Sodium Almondate (Almond Oil)

Sodium Babassuate (Babassu Oil)

Sodium Cocoa Butterate (Cocoa Butter)

Sodium Grapeseedate (Grapeseed Oil)

Sodium Shea Butterate (Shea Butter)

Sapindus Powder (Soapnut)

Bixa Orellana (Annatto Seed Colour)

Citrus Sinensis Oil (Orange)

LItesa Cubea Oil (May Chang)

Citrus Limonum Oil (Lemon)





Citral (Within the Essential Oils)