Mesh Ball Tea Infuser

Mesh Ball Tea Infuser


The Stainless steel Mesh Ball Tea Infuser is just perfect for all tea lovers to create that perfectly brewed cup of tea!


We were horrified when we learned that regular teabags contain 11.6 billion microplastics that are released into your drink when you add hot water.  Not to mention the carbon footprint that goes into producing teabags whether they are regular ones or compostable or biodegradable alternatives that are being offered.  


Switching to loose leaf tea is the best alternative and we can honestly say that it tastes so much better when it is brewed using an infuser as the holes in the infuser allow so much more flavour to be seep through.  


Lightweight and plastic-free, the Mesh Ball Tea Infuser is handy for when you don't want to make a whole teapot and can be used again and again.  


Just pop the loose leaf tea and close, pop it in your cup and place hot water in and let it brew to your required strength.  Don't forget to compost the tea leaves afterwards


* Non-toxic, non-stick finish

* Easy to clean

* Approx 6 cm Chain