Organic Cotton Produce Bags 3-pack

Organic Cotton Produce Bags 3-pack


This set of 3 organic produce bags is a must for your zero waste shopping. It's even better than picking up a paper bag to bring loose produce home as these bags can be washed and reused countless times. It's so easy to get into the habit of popping them into your shopping bags so that you never forget them as you head to the shops. They are ideal for fruit, vegetables and bread. The bread bag is a waste-free way shop at the bakery and can be used for fruit & Veg too! The lightweight bag is great for weight fruit and veg in a supermarket as it weights almost nothing on the scales. The net bag perfect for shopping at a farmers market.


This set of 3 organic produce bags containing 1 x Organic bread bag, 1 x Organic net bag and 1 x lightweight fruit and veg bag. All bags are made from natural material and shrink to approximateyl 10-12% of their original size. They are machine washable at 30 degrees and can be hung on the line to dry. This will preserve the life span of your bags.


They are made responsibly in India using only GOTS certified organic cotton and natural materials and their producers are paid fair wages so you are not only contributing to saving the planet but also looking after workers. 


Size of the net bag is 38cm (High) x 30cm(Wide)
Weight 45 grams - Tare weight - 1.6oz
Size of the bread bag is 38cm (High) x 28cm(Wide)
Weight 34 grams - Tare weight 1.2oz
Size of the lightweight bag is 33cm (High) x 28cm(Wide)
Weight 17 grams - Tare weight 0.6oz