rCUP Coffee Cup 8oz - Cream & Black

rCUP Coffee Cup 8oz - Cream & Black


When we were choosing the best coffee cups to stock we had quite a list of requirements - we wanted something stylish, functional and practical, recyclable, made in the UK to keep carbon footprint to minimum and positive for the environment in terms of production.  Then we stumbled upon rCUP and we got very excited because it offered much more than what we were asking for!


Not only does each rCUP saves thousands of disposable coffee cups from ending up in the landfill, it actually takes them out of there too as that is precisely what rCUP is made of!  Yes, you read that right, the makers of these sleek looking cups take thousands of useless, discarded coffee cups and make them into something worthy.  If we at Happy Beak like anything more than products that stop us from using plastic, it's products that actually take plastic out of the environment and make it work to earn its keep on this planet.


Yes, we did say thousands of cups saved because they have a 10+ years lifetime. But their awesomness doesn't stop there.  They are insulated so will keep your drink warm for at least 1 hour 20 minutes and won't burn your hands.  That too is different from many other coffee cups


Rather than the little hole for drinking out of (have you ever absentmindedly try to take a sip while driving and spilling it all over yourself??) the push technology allows for 360 degree drinking.  The makers say this actually allows for better development of aroma and flavour and we agree.  Yet it's 100% leakproof which is also a nice quality to have in a cup and means you can pop it in your bag and free your hands while it's full without having to wring and clean the other contents afterwards.  It's absolutely no wonder The Independent named it the best reusable cup.


And if you don't think that's enough of a benefits list.... they are 100% recyclable.  To be honest, many reuseable cups are but recyclable is not the same as recycled and many authorities can't handle recycling of silicone which features in many reusable cup, so it excells on that score too. 


This particular size will hold 8oz, or 227 ml if you like. the base is 64 mm in diameter so will fit neatly into your car cup holder, and the top diameter of 84mm means it will fit under most coffee machines.