Safix 100% Coconut fibre wash pad

Safix 100% Coconut fibre wash pad


It probably never even occured to you but it turns out that each time you're working at keeping your dishes clean with cleaning sponges, scrubbers and cloths,  microscopic parts are breaking off and going into the water system.  And not to mention the million of harmful bacteria the average plastic sponge harbours inside it! This is why we love SAFIX COCONUT FIBRE SCRUB PAD.


This natural scouring pad is made from 100% coconut fibre and is 100% compostable and biodegradable, yet very long lasting. It does not release microplastics into our environment. Removes stubborn foods and other substances safely without scratching cooking surfaces but it's usefulness doesn't end at your dishes. It will for example remove mildew from tiles and grout lines.


Made from coconut hair and bonded with natural latex. Lasts for months and can be composted after use so you are giving nutrition back to your garden.


Rinse clean after use. Store in a dry area.100% Biodegradable non-scratch Coconut Hair Scouring Pad

Plastic free

Fully compostable made from the hair of a coconut bonded with natural latex

Will not scratch non-stick pans

10 x 7 x 15cm