Single Cleaning Pod - Glass Cleaner (Fragrance Free)

Single Cleaning Pod - Glass Cleaner (Fragrance Free)

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Did you know that each bottle of cleaning spray solution contains just 10% of active ingredients and the rest is just water? And really each time you buy another bottle you are telling companies to produce more? Supply and demand that is. And when you think about it, these bottles don't stop being functional just because they become empty. 


We knew we needed to find a better solution for our kitchens, we died a little each time we popped a bottle in the recycling bin. And then we come across these cute little things that literally are the answer to the countles plastic bottles of cleaning products ending in the landfill. And with an estimated 13 billion plastic bottles being used in the UK every year we believe that if everyone tried these just once, we could vastly reduce the consumption of single use plastic.


These Ocean Saver pods are concentrated and water-soluble and transform into liquid cleaner when added to water. Just pop the pod into your empty product bottle, fill with water and you will have a full bottle of cleaning product ready for use. The Pods are made from fully dissolvable and biodegradable film, which means that once a pod is placed in water the film begins to dissolve and the active ingredients begin to dilute in to the water.


This single pack contains a glass cleaning pod that can be used in your emply plastic bottle, or any sustainable bottle once your plastic bottle is no longer functional. It also contains a sticker with name and full instructions to put on your bottle.

All pods are fully biodegradable, 100% vegan and not tested on animals.


Cleaning pods should be kept away from children and animals.

Pods contain concentrated ingredients before adding water and in this form they are harmful. Once diluted they are no longer classified as health and environmental hazard.