Sisal Exfoliator & Soap Saver

Sisal Exfoliator & Soap Saver


Say hello the to rather fabulous Sisal Soap Scrub or Soap Saver bag ... or both if you like.


This handy little pouch is designed not only to wake your circulation up with gentle exfoliation in the morning but also to get the most out of your gorgeous soap bars. Because there comes the point where soap becomes too small to use efficiently and as we're all about no waste, we got this in for you so that you can squeeze every last sud out of them. 


But of course you don't have to wait until your soap is too small.  You may just love the wonderful wake up feeling this pouch gives you as scrubbing your skin helps to increase circulation and make your skin softer and more fab than it already is.  Just pop your favourite bar of lovely soap into it and get scrubbing!


Made of natural cotton and Sisal (fibre from the Agave Cactus, don’tcha know) it is cracking for exfoliating and working up a lather.  It’s another fabulous natural product and completely compostable at the end of its life


Your showers will never be the same again!