Reusable Bathroom Products

Soft & Scrub Make Up Wipes (5 pk)


The trouble with disposable make up wipes is that they're just too convenient. But that convenience (well just plain laziness on our part) is having a damaging effect not only on the environment but on our skin too! Once you've used the wipe to strip your skin of its natural oils, because that's what the drying chemicals in the wipes do causing inflammation, irritation which leads to accelerated dehydration making your skin age prematurely, you toss it in the bin or down the loo, whatever, but it just adds to the billions of disposable wipes that are filling up the oceans, lining our beaches, clogging our sewers and generally causing environmental destruction. Yet these things still sell like hotcakes!!!


So we're giving you a little shake-up and telling you to ditch the disposables and get yourself, your mum,your friend, some of these lovely Soft & Scrub wipes which will also look great on your dressing table instead of a plastic pack.


These wipes are the perfect combination to exfoliate and clean your skin and great for removing heavy make-up and for oily skin.


The front of the wipe is 100% cotton towelling perfect for scrubbing your face clean. The other side is soft 100% organic cotton fleece, gentle and smooth for wiping your eyes after a long day. Towel side - 100% Cotton towelling, Fleece side - 100% Organic cotton fleece Each wipe is sized between 7-8cm square. They are all homemade, so the fabric is hand cut, secured on a sewing machine and finished by hand.


Each wipe may be a slightly different size and shape.

Wipes are not pre-washed, expect some shrinkage.

Once used, just pop them in a washbag and in with your normal 30 degree wash with similar colours.

There may be some discolouration over time.