Tooth Tabs Fluoride Free - 62 tabs Refill Pouch

Tooth Tabs Fluoride Free - 62 tabs Refill Pouch


Some toothpaste tubes may be recyclable but that doesn't necessarily mean they are being recycled as many councils don't accept them for recycling. Then there is the issue of 2 different plastic on 1 tube and some are built in such way that you would need an axe to separate them. We could also talk about the SLS and other chemicals in the toothpaste that are not exactly good for your health but you probably already know that. We mean, why do you think they all instruct you to spit it out and take care not to swallow it? 


We don't think any of us want to stop cleaning our teeth just because we want to reduce waste and we're happy to say that there are better ways. One of them comes in the shape of toothpaste tabs. 


These tiny little tablets with minimal ingredients from Save Some Green come in a smashing little tin that is much lighter than alternative glass, making it lighter and safer for travelling. These amazing little things work to help polish your teeth, making them smoother and healthier. Smoother teeth not only look shiny and bright, they are harder to grip giving plaque and tartar less places to live. And smoother teeth no longer have stained residue on them so they can become whiter.


The beauty of tooth tabs is that you wont ever put too much toothpaste on the brush again, nor squirt it in the sink. They are perfect for light, liquid free travel. They are free of preservatives, germ-inhibiting substances, binders and contain neither aluminium nor nanoparticles.

The Refill pouch of tabs are contained in Glassine which is a biodegradable greaseproof paper. 


Simpler, Cleaner Cleaning.

Zero Plastic


Minimal impact

We can find no better Tablet on every level.


Just pop one in your mouth and chew until it feels smooth, then brush your teeth (ideally with a softer brush).

  • Ingredients

    Microcrystalline Cellulose is the polishing agent that is responsible for the wonderfully
    smooth feeling due to which nothing can attach to the surface. No plaque – no tooth decay.

    Sodium Bicarbonate is, combined with the citric acid, responsible for the correct pH-Balance

    Citric Acid see above & increases the flow of saliva through which the remineralisation works so much better.

    Silica helps the cleaning/polishing and stabilize the tablet.

    Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate (Surfactant/Soap) – for cleaning out the goop.

    Magnesium Stearate is a plantbased helper we need during pressing of the tablets.
    Natural (Mint-) Aroma together with Stevia and Menthol is responsible for fresh and cool
    Menthol see above.
    Stevia (Stevioside) see above.
    Xanthan-Gum makes DENTTABS so smooth and creamy.
    Sodium Fluoride – ‘naturally’ only valid for ToothTabs containing Fluoride! – support
    the remineralisation of your enamel. Especially sensitive teethnecks

    Eugenol is a natural part of the mintaroma.
    Our ToothTabs are free from preserving agents, germicides, binding agents,
    aluminium, plastics!